I just visited my friend @victoriavladd at #colinapuskin and all I got to say is “brace yourself more pictures with cats are coming!” #localsmd #chisinau #centru #blackandwhite #catlover #instacat #vscocam

I just visited my friend @victoriavladd at #colinapuskin and all I got to say is “brace yourself more pictures with cats are coming!” #localsmd #chisinau #centru #blackandwhite #catlover #instacat #vscocam

This was an interesting week on Muzei. For some reason I had two Da Vinci and two Monet appearing on my wallpaper. Is this a sign? Maybe! I like to think of that. So here it is, this week, my little exhibition.

#1 Monaco Monte Carlo by Alphonse MuchaWith his innovative design for Gismonda Mucha (a Czech artist) arrived on Parisian street art scene at an opportune moment. As Mucha later wrote, his poster was ‘a breath of fresh air’ which the public had been looking for. More about Mucha’s creations you can find here.

#2 The little owl by Albrecht Durer - Even though I couldn’t find nothing particularly on this painting, Durer it’s a very interesting figure of German art. His high-quality woodcuts established his reputation and influence across Europe when he was still in his twenties, and he has been conventionally regarded as the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance ever since. 

#3 Lily by Leonardo da Vinci - This drawing of the lily flower is the only survivor of the “early studies of flower copied from nature” that was recorded in a list of works done by Leonardo in Florence to Milan. A sepia wash was applied to the drawing of the model to show the forms of the plant in the three-dimensions. More about this study and other works you ca read over here.

#4 Hauling a boat ashore, Honfleur by Claude Monet - Probably one of the most impressionist and the one that’s got our hearts with his colors, with his different approach when it comes landscapes and portraits. Well, Monet is a true master of light and his works basically shout this out loud! Despite his achievements he was very depressed in his later years (*a subject I was reflecting a lot recently), he wrote to one friend that “Age and chagrin have worn me out. My life has been nothing but a failure, and all that’s left for me to do is to destroy my paintings before I disappear.” More about Monet you can find here. 

#5 Study for the head of Leda by Leonardo da Vinci - If you click on each picture you will see some more details about it, and as you can see, both Da Vinci’s Leda and Durer’s owl were created in the same year and are both part of the Renaissance era. There are only four survived studies, after most of them were destroyed in eighteen century. some art historians believe that Leda’s face in most cases was finished by his pupils, and instead Leonardo focused on her braids. More about the creation you can read over here.

#6 Liberty leading the people by Eugene Delacroix - Delacroix wrote in a letter to his brother that a bad mood that had been hold of him was lifting due to the painting on which he was embarking (the Liberty painting), and that if he could not fight for his country then at least he would paint for it. The French government bought the painting in 1831, with plans to hang it in the room of the new king Louis-Philippe, but it was soon taken down for its revolutionary content. Lady Liberty was eventually the model for the Statue of Liberty, which was given to the United States 50 years later, and has also been featured on the French banknote. More information about the artwork you can find here.

#7 The train in the country by Claude Monet The artist died on December 5, 1926, at his home in Giverny. Monet once wrote, “My only merit lies in having painted directly in front of nature, seeking to render my impressions of the most fleeting effects.” Most art historians believe that Monet accomplished much more than this: He helped change the world of painting by shaking off the conventions of the past. By dissolving forms in his works, Monet opened the door for further abstraction in art, and he is credited with influencing such later artists as Jackson Pollack, Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning.



how you doin today?



how you doin today?

WARHOL: Is there anything you regret not doing?

THE ROCK: I regret not listening to my gut sooner. It happens to all of us, where our gut, God, or the universe is screaming at us, but we’re so attached to a certain outcome that we miss that window to take action. Hopefully, we become wiser for it down the road.

The Rock (*you can read the full interview here)
I knew if Monday I get something in my mailbox than I will have some more coming my way at the end of the week. This one is from @pceastuh <3 #vscocam #letters #localsmd #endofsummer #august #malevich #tate

I knew if Monday I get something in my mailbox than I will have some more coming my way at the end of the week. This one is from @pceastuh <3 #vscocam #letters #localsmd #endofsummer #august #malevich #tate

I can take a bottle and put it on top of this table and say this is art. If I believe it, it’s art for me, and it can be art for other people.

Mr. Brainwash (*you can find the whole interview here)



Andy Warhol was born Aug. 6, 1928, meaning he would have been 86 years old were he alive today. 

Find out how Andy Warhol can inspire you to be more creative every day here. 

Happy birthday, my dear!




So we made a collection of looping Studio Ghibli gifs and cinemagraphs. 

couldn’t ask for more! a great collectiong of gifs <3

Да ну сэ ворбеск, просто с те купринд дин урмэ
Сэц симт пьеля
Сэ те сэрут пе умере
Ши сэ так

de la Vadim


Psychedelic GIF’s by hexeosis (Artist on tumblr)

a whole different world!

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Hey there! It’s Monday again and here is my small exhibition that was inspired from the Muzei backgrounds, I am getting everyday on my tablet. For this edition I took some time and will add little curiosities about the artist or the work itself (*if you click the picture than in caption you will be able to see the title, the artist, etc.) Enjoy!

#1 ”In the Hills of the Spanish Oaks” by Robert Julian Onderdonk - american artist, one the most important representatives of impressionist movement. Original from Texas, died very young at the age of 40. He became best known for his paintings of bluebonnets, but he also loved to depict the Texas Hill Country in all its incarnations. You can find more about the artist here.

#2 ”The Turkish Family” by Jules Pascin - The artist was born in Vidin, a Bulgarian town and most papers about him are in Bulgarian. Had two nicknames "Paschin" and "Pascin." To avoid service in the Bulgarian army, at the outbreak of World War I Pascin traveled for a time in the United States. Having struggled with depression and alcoholism, he committed suicide at the age of 45. More about the artist you can read here.

#3 "Death of commissar" by Kuzma Petrov-VodkinPetrov-Vodkin saw the world as a whole and did not separate art from science, as was common in the Renaissance period. He supported the October Revolution of 1917, as he believed in the triumph of the “simple and kind.” After his death he was quickly forgotten and remained so for the rest of the Soviet era, only to be rediscovered in the last two decades. More about the artist you can read here.

#4 "Malkeplads ved Dyrehavegård" by Theodor Philipsen - Danish painter. Philipsen has been considered an innovator of 19th century Danish art. He took Danish art into a new level of impressionism and naturalism. Good friend with Gauguin. 

#5 ”Jonah” by Albert Pinkham RyderHe reworked this image so many times that the paint layers are still soft to the touch after more than a century. The abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock once said, “The only American master who interests me is Ryder.” You can read more about the painting here.

#6 "Lady with Fan" by Gustav Klimt - This particular painting was not shown on my Muzei gallery. Saturday I didn’t have access to internet, but I have a Klimt calendar at home, so I thought of replacing it. As in Wally and Girlfriends II this half portrait of a young lady shows an awesome background with asiatic ornaments. The lady wears a dress in the style of a kimono imprinted with motives of a Chinese dragon dress. Here you can read more about it.

#7 "The ill woman" by Vasily PolenovHe was classmate and close friend to Rafail Levitsky, fellow Peredvizhniki artist and famous photographer. Their letters which remain today in Polenov’s house museum are an interesting account of the many art exhibitions, movements and artists of their day. More about the artist you can read over here.

The best way to start your week is to find a card in your mailbox from Thailand #localsmd #chisinau #home #summer #letters #thailand #august #endofsummer #sunflower #vscocam

The best way to start your week is to find a card in your mailbox from Thailand #localsmd #chisinau #home #summer #letters #thailand #august #endofsummer #sunflower #vscocam

catch me if you can!

catch me if you can!

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Leaving behind a beautiful village. I think #vangogh would&#8217;ve enjoy these colors#localsmd #hailatara #moldova #rural #oxentea

Leaving behind a beautiful village. I think #vangogh would’ve enjoy these colors#localsmd #hailatara #moldova #rural #oxentea